Sales & Service

Sales and Rental

In order to provide the best support for divers and future divers in the Magic Valley area, we have partnered up with the wonderful people at Boise Scuba Center. In doing so we are able to provide divers with top of the line service, rental and a large variety of dive equipment for purchase. Boise Scuba Center and Magic Valley Dive Center have maintained a great friendship and partnership. We greatly value all of the support they have provided to the local divers. So when your in Boise, please drop in and say hi to Charlie and the gang.

Tank Fills

At Magic Valley Dive Center, we believe that one of our most important services that we can provide to the local dive community is good quality air fills.  Our fill station is top of the line, serviced regularly and the air is tested and certified. We pride ourselves on maintaining a clean and contaminate free environment. If your fill station doesn’t look like this, question your air. Because air quality is such an important aspect to safe diving we at MVDC will provide free tank fills to any diver registered with us. It’s free so sign up! We also provide tank fills for paintball. If your tanks need inspected or hydro-tested, no worries, we can take care of that too.


Tank Fill
Registered Diver
Tank Fill$10.00
Visual Inspection$25.00
Hydro Inspection$50.00
Twin Falls Air Fills and Service